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Request Site Access

This Magento extension allows you to create private communities where visitors must request access and fill out a form for approval by an administrator.


Magento Enterprise edition has the ability to create private sale sites with access requests. This extension gives Magento Community Edition some of the same capabilities. For many e-commerce sites, getting people to come to the site and access it without any restrictions is the expected behavior. However, some sites require logins and account approvals to purchase. These sites are often B2B sites or private communities.

This extension has three main components. An initial login page, a request access to the site form, and an admin approval queue. The request access form is available for visitors that would like access to the site but don’t have an account. After completing the form, an email is sent to an administrator for approval.  The administrator can then grant or deny access to the prospective customer. Once the Site admin has granted access to the site, the customer will be able to login and purchase products.


  • Customizable form to request access.
  • All requests are sent to  an admin as an email.
  • Admins can enable or disable accounts.
  • As part of the functionality, the concept of guest  check-out and un-registered accounts do not exist.