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Google Analytics Checkout Events Tracker

Enhance the Magento checkout process to easily track step by step events used in Google Analytics conversion flows.

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  • Google Analytics Checkout Events - GA Debug View


The Google Analytics Checkout Events Tracker lets you track customer conversions by easily setting up custom named events in the Magento checkout processes. 

Why Use It

Tracking e-commerce conversions and checkout process metrics is critical to understanding and improving any e-commerce site. For many systems, the checkout process is multiple pages. However, in the Magento RWD theme, which is the basis for many Magneto sites, there is a one page checkout…..which means there is no detailed checkout information available at the different steps along the way. This extension triggers Google Analytics events at each step in the Magento checkout flow, even though the page URL does not change. It is a quick way to add really powerful analytics tracking in the shopping cart and checkout process.


  • Add this Accorin extension directly to the Google API administration section
  • Setup your own titles for each event in the checkout process
  • Add custom URL parameters into the steps
  • Supports multi-storefront deployments