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Add Emails To ExactTarget by API

This extension allows you to add Emails to an ExactTarget email list from Magento. It is great for capturing email addresses from first time visitors.

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ExactTarget is a great email marketing platform but has been missing a Magento Email Extension until now. This extension allows you to add Emails to a specific email list from different points within Magento.


Why Use It

Because you want to automatically subscribe customers to your email lists without having to do any manual steps or build the integration yourself. A sample use case: when a customer comes to the site for the first time, they can be presented with an email sign-up form. Once they have signed up successfully, a cookie is set and they will not see the sign-up form again.

Magento includes other email sign-up points (e.g. in checkout, MyAccount, footer sign-up point). Each of these points can be setup to write to the API and submit a new user to the list.


  • Supports authentication against the ExactTarget API
  • Adds an email address to a defined list
  • Checks if an email address already exists on a list and¬†provides an error code if it does