Get More Traffic and More Customers Converting with Our Digital Marketing Method

Our goal is to obtain measured and manageable increases in traffic and revenues for our clients. ACquire – COnveRt – RetaIN more customers. That is our marketing mantra. It’s based on decades of experience in digital, direct, accountable marketing.

Step 1: 10 Point Inspection

We conduct a comprehensive 10-point site inspection of your website, including your Google Analytics and your Webmaster tools. Our team of Google-certified analysts – real people – does the analysis. Our assessment includes a deep dive into numerous aspects of the business, its operational processes, 3rd party tools that are connected to it, and marketing tools that are utilized. We also utilize Google analytics, Webmaster Tools and other tools of ours to deeply understand how the “as is” state of the website compared to where you, the business owners, would like it to be. We have a complimentary version for new client prospects! Click here to sign up! You can also click here to see a sample!

We help you understand if your overall digital footprint and ecosystem is Google-friendly…example: is your structure of sites, landing pages and product pages cannibalizing your own business?

We help you understand if your analytics and measurement systems are properly set up…example: are conversion funnels and tracking properly set up?  another example: are your properly filtering bots and ip addresses?

We help to expose any website structure configuration issues that are impeding your marketing efforts…example: are domains, URL structures and duplicate content penalizing your Google listings? another example: are your landing page marketing efforts stealing traffic from your website needlessly? 

We help to identify what is causing low conversion rates…example: visitors can’t find popular products because of misleading navigation…

We help to identify opportunities in marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Jet, Overstock) worth exploring…example: Amazon can be a complementary channel

Those are just a few samples of things that we find in our inspection. But most importantly, we will tell you what to do about it.

Step 3: Create a Long Term Media and Campaign Plan and Execute It.

Utilizing the results of the test campaign we create a sustainable media and multi-channel marketing campaign.

We can work with media budgets starting at $1,000 per month. We have worked with media budgets over $50,000 per month. We can work with media agencies and general ad agencies to supplement “offline” media plans or digital display media plans with  highly targeted and specific programs focusing on email, PPC, Retargeting, Display, Social PPC, Sponsored Content drops and more.

Now once the plan is created and executed, we don’t stop. We prepare, analyze, and share a monthly balanced scorecard so that you can quickly understand the performance and ROI on each channel, the impact on revenues, new customers, and your marketing goals and metrics that we established at the beginning of the campaign.

Step 2: Establish an ROI Test

Test and Establish an ROI Model: We conduct a multi-channel marketing test campaign to establish acquisition and conversion cost benchmarks.  Depending upon your business we will test as many as 10 different channels:

  • Paid Search
  • Email
  • Display advertising
  • Retargeting / Remarketing
  • On-site, contextual forms, personalized content
  • Abandoned cart messaging
  • Facebook advertising
  • Syndicated content traffic and SEO
  • Negotiated links
  • Marketplace placement
  • Other media placements as guided by business strategy and goals

We work with your team to optimize existing creative assets for this campaign,  create new copy concepts and creative as needed, and create the measurement infrastructure necessary to formulate the ROI benchmarks that will help us in the future.

The Goal of the test campaign: Establish key ROI and marketing benchmarks for your digital marketing:

  • Cost per exposure
  • Cost per interaction
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Cost per conversion 
  • Cost per lead

We want to establish these metrics for multiple channels so that we can help you establish a long term acquisition cost and ROI model. Sustainable ROI. That is our goal.

With solid metrics we can proceed to planning a more comprehensive media and marketing plan, creative, and conversion events.

We can also optimize channel mix with baseline ROI and business model.white-space-filler

b2b e-commerce and b2c e-commerce

Step 4: Measure, Adjust, Continue with a Great Content Strategy

We work with your team to review performance, make adjustments, and tweek the balance of spend continuously. The beauty of the multichannel digital marketing approach to increasing traffic and revenues is that you can change the media mix on a dime, and we often do in order to meet our clients business objectives.

Need to acquire more leads from your website?

Need to convert more visitors to sales on your website?

Need to acquire more traffic and engagement from general media exposures?

Our highly measurable and strategic approach works. Our flexibility and engagement process is proven.

Our Digital Marketing Toolset

We work with our clients to identify the toolset that is right for their business. And if our clients already have the tools in place our experience spans across the most complex and powerful marketing automation tools available today. Our deep technology capability allows us to work with these tools and integrate them into your business platforms and e-commerce sites.

Site Inspection, Campaign Analysis

Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Search Panel
Omniture / Site Catalyst
Google Adwords Keyword Analyzer

Enterprise Email / Engagement

Exact Target

Personalization and Experience Optimization

Visual Website Optimizer
Bazaar Voice


Magento CE
Magento Enterprise
Drupal Commerce
Shopify +
Volusion, Mozu
Woo Commerce

Content Management / Landing Pages



Blue Kai
and more…

Our Marketing Methodology

Each client and each business is unique. However our marketing methodology  begins with assessment, continues with analytical decision-making, and dynamically moves forward based on data and results.

Discover the goals, objectives & requirements.

Define the approach.

Design the solution.

Develop the solution & verify the quality.

Deliver the complete solution into production.

Evolve based on roadmap features & visitor activities.