E-commerce at its finest: Jet part II – Communication

Accorin Team
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In our first post on Jet (see it here), we reviewed their e-commerce user experience. In this post, we’re evaluating Jet’s digital communication and the sequence of email notifications they send to their customers. As with any e-commerce site, communication is critical to drive purchases, repurchases, and customer satisfaction. Jet has developed an efficient communications program, with emails that are nicely designed, offer relevant information, and are sent in perfectly timed succession.




The Welcome Email

There’s nothing quite like getting a big, friendly welcome. Well, Jet does just that with their “Welcome to Jet!” email that new customers receive when signing up for an account. Pro Tip: a lot of welcome emails simply let the user know that their account creation was successful. Jet has a Call To Action to get the user back to the site to buy.








Order Confirmation

One of Jet’s value propositions is that they will source from multiple vendors, so it’s not surprising that their order confirmation email highlights that the products may arrive in multiple shipments. Naturally, their primary e-commerce value proposition of cost savings is front and center, as well.







Shipping Confirmation

Jet sends multiple shipment emails, each with a “track it” option. Pretty standard for the high-end e-Commerce sites that Accorin builds, but nowhere universal. They are informative, include tracking links, and set delivery expectations.












Promotional Emails

Jet’s communications program doesn’t stop with transactional emails. They have a steady stream of offers and on-going communication….maybe too steady of a stream. Their emails came so often in the first few weeks that we were forced to “unsubscribe”.









The Bottom Line

We got our first order and had great communication along way. Jet has done everything well so far. The anticipation is over and they are now live.  It will be interesting to see how their service evolves and how their business performs.  Feeling inspired by Jet? Looking to improve your customer’s e-commerce experience? Let’s talk.