For One Day or One Year: Your Strategic Planning Partner

The goal of our consulting assignments is to flush out existing business practices and commerce operations that may be hindering your growth; we utilize deep discovery exercises, quantitative and qualitative research, your own business plans and KPIs and strategic vision creation exercises to identify best-odds growth opportunities. 25% of Accorin revenues are derived from our consulting practice.

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Discovery and As-Is SWOT

We start by conducting deep  discovery session(s) based on questions we develop in advance for each client. Our question sets we deploy span across a range of e-commerce and business transformation topics tailored for each constituent set within the organization. The goal key goal is for everyone on the team to have a common understanding of “where we are.” With all key members of your team participating we work hard to establish:

  • Goals of your online presence
  • Strengths of current  e-commerce (If you already have e-commerce we will walk through some basic use cases with you)
  • Weaknesses of current e-commerce
  • Threats in the industry and the marketplace
  • Competitive observations

If possible we like to have your current website credentials, Google Analytics and Search console accounts open so we can utilize real time data for our observations.

Deliverable: Comprehensive E-commerce SWOT for your business

Strategy Development

In this phase  we will run through a series of questions and answers focused on your business strategy. The goal is to provide a set of strategic choices for your e-commerce initiatives that we believe will be achievable and affordable to your budget constraints. We will discuss issues such as:

Business Differentiators

UX Architecture from marketing to e-commerce catalog



Branding and Visual Design

IT preferences for Platform / Tech  Stack

With this discussion we will develop a strategic mission for the business’ e-commerce and the top initiatives that are required in order to execute against that mission.

Customer and User Needs Mapping

In this phase we will map all current and desired customer segments with the core behaviors we want them to engage.  We will then facilitate the development of a list of online functional and visual needs for your business. These exercises will facilitate your development of a complete list of requirements which will help to estimate the total effort for either enhancements to your current e-commerce / digital businesses or inform a set of redesign / re-platforming projects if your team is heading in that direction.

Another key aspect of this exercise is mapping the needs of your business back end and administration. We will leverage our understanding of typical business needs and help to flush out the particular requirements related to system integration, accounting, content management and marketing.

Research tools are integrated in this phase to inform our decision-making. Our tool set includes driving target market members to forms, online message board and focus group questionnaires, and live online focus groups.

b2b e-commerce and b2c e-commerce

High Level Vision Development

We work with your team to develop and high level budget and timeline taking into account a number of important factors:

Internal staff resources

Budget to spend

Existing technology resources

State of current e-commerce if it exists

Complexity of the vision – phasing options

Competitor initiatives

Other business factors

Common Deliverable: A high level plan that focuses on 90 day sprints / initiatives over 2 years or a high level plan for a comprehensive e-commerce project from scratch. Deliverables obviously depend on the client challenge that we are addressing.

Our Digital Marketing Toolset

We work with our clients to identify the toolset that is right for their business. And if our clients already have the tools in place our experience spans across the most complex and powerful marketing automation tools available today. Our deep technology capability allows us to work with these tools and integrate them into your business platforms and e-commerce sites.

Site Inspection, Campaign Analysis

Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Search Panel
Omniture / Site Catalyst
Google Adwords Keyword Analyzer

Enterprise Email / Engagement

Exact Target

Personalization and Experience Optimization

Visual Website Optimizer
Bazaar Voice


Magento CE
Magento Enterprise
Drupal Commerce
Shopify +
Volusion, Mozu
Woo Commerce

Content Management / Landing Pages



Blue Kai
and more…

Our Marketing Methodology

Each client and each business is unique. However our marketing methodology  begins with assessment, continues with analytical decision-making, and dynamically moves forward based on data and results.

Discover the goals, objectives & requirements.

Define the approach.

Design the solution.

Develop the solution & verify the quality.

Deliver the complete solution into production.

Evolve based on roadmap features & visitor activities.