Case Study

Planning an E-commerce Store

Global Manufacturer

There is no substitute for creating a detailed plan or vision for your e-commerce business. Research, Customer Journey mapping, Technology Planning, System Architecture, Requirements Gathering, Specification writing are all key parts of the planning that we can help with.


Planning your e-commerce store: A high profile, Global Manufacturer with  over a $billion in revenues needed assistance defining a strategy for the consolidation of multiple lines of business through a B2B e-Commerce Portal. The envisioned Portal will  provide a new shopping experience for its large network of distributors, manufacturers and other business customers across 8 brands.

Accorin was hired to complete a comprehensive vision-creation and research  assignment that gave the organization broad consensus, focus, and a set of business requirements and design comps heading into the RFP phase of the project.


Activities, Deliverables

Numerous face-to-face interviews with stakeholders, customers, and employees across 8 lines of business.

Detailed competitive analysis, projected cost and timing analysis, high level roadmap, presentations to the company’s Executive Committee.

Powerpoint documents and comprehensive research report of over 100 pages including research transcripts was included as a part of final project deliverables



As the first step in a multi-year process, this engagement ended with the delivery of a multi-phase strategic vision, investment estimates, high-level functional requirements and a conceptual vision for moving forward into the RFP phase of the project.



90-120 days