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Maintaining e-commerce Stores is most successful and least expensive when a structured and properly timed set of monthly technical and marketing tasks is outsourced. Accorin has worked with a leading supplements manufacturer for 5+ years to maintain and evolve their original SaaS e-commerce platform and their new Magento store. All for less than the cost of a single FTE.


Launching an e-commerce site takes a lot of work, and so does effectively supporting, maintaining, and evolving it. Proactive maintenance, site updates and applying security patches are a critical part of managing any e-commerce site.

Maintaining e-commerce Stores Case Study: Accorin has worked with a leading nutrition supplements manufacturer for 5+ years maintaining e-commerce stores and evolving multiple commerce websites. The first store was on a Big Commerce SaaS platform so support activities focused on functional enhancements, training and content updates. When the client launched a new Magento e-commerce store, activities expanded to include security monitoring and hosting environment management as well.

As with many companies, this client does not have the in-house depth of expertise needed to keep a modern e-commerce site running effectively and securely while they are growing their business. To bridge this gap, Accorin works as an extension of their in-house team and is responsible for keeping their sites running optimally – both from a technology and a marketing perspective.

We work together to define and prioritize site updates, functional improvements, patches and site issues when they arise. We track these changes and issues within our issue tracking tool, assign a unique tracking number to each task, and get them done. We have bi-weekly status calls in order to track progress of all support issues and to ensure the process is being followed and most importantly, expectations are being met.

Our team supports this manufacturer’s e-commerce business and a lot of others. We are a leader in this arena of e-commerce services, and for some clients we have been providing support since 2000. We have been supporting the Dunkin Donuts online store business since 2002 and we continue to provide support services today. If you feel like there are aspects of your e-commerce operation that would be more efficient to outsource, chances are you are right and we can help.


Accorin’s client support activities include a combination of the following activities:

– Technology support, maintenance, upgrades, patches, security monitoring
– Feature enhancements
– Hosting monitoring

– Marketing support, content updates, SEO support

– Monthly Scorecard and Analytics Reporting

– Marketing Support



– Email marketing / Landing page marketing / A/B Testing

– Marketing Channel Optimization

– Shopping Feeds and Marketplace Management

– Display advertising, Retargeting, Rich Media Production



Higher revenues and lower operational costs