Can You See Savings with’s Unique Email Promotions?

Accorin Team
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You have worked to grow your email list to a good size and wish to effectively use it to grow your business further and make more sales. But is there a better way to improve the open rates and conversion on your emails? Getting your emails opened takes a combination of science, art, and perseverance. With 4.353 million emails being sent per day in the United States alone, it can be quite a challenge having yours stand out among the rest. does a great job of cutting through the clutter and making sure their emails stand out.

How Successful Campaigns Work

There are a few different elements to their emails.  Making a competent, competitive, and successful e-commerce email means certain things have to happen. The client must receive the email in a timely manner reflective of when they signed up for your e-commerce site or mail list. Then, that email has to engage the customer to the point where they feel inclined to visit your site in order to make a purchase. This could mean adding incentives to promotional emails. If the customer has received enough information and incentive via your email campaign, it will lead to them making a purchase. (an online contact lens distributor) recently sent out the following email to their subscribers that informed them of an account credit. Their email subject was meant to engage those who had purchased lenses from them in the past. e-commerce email marketing

How was’s Email Effective?

Their email was almost faultless. Its design was simple and eye-catching, as was the email subject heading under which it was sent. The artistry got to the point quickly yet left the casual consumer wondering what awaited them upon entering the site. These are the marks of an effective campaign; simple, direct messaging, that gives the customer a reason to visit the site upon first viewing.

What Could Have Done Better?

This email was sent to a customer who had just purchased lenses. No matter how creative the tag line or what marketing ploy is in used, it is difficult to convince someone who had just bought lenses to return right away to purchase another box.

A simple solution to’s issue would have been to scientifically go through their email list to determine who was due to purchase boxes of lenses in the next 60 to 90 days. They could craft their email similarly to entice those customers to visit their site, which would have a much higher return and likely a higher click-through rate. This kind of research requires perseverance and the use of tools like Klaviyo to determine their targets and hit them directly with an e-commerce email campaign. These targeted and timely emails are essential to converting and retaining customers.

The Bottom Line

Email is not going away and must be utilized effectively by any e-commerce site. It is a valuable resource if a company wants to convert site visitors into paying customers, and have existing customers buy more, more often. Well-timed and creative emails can be very effective at growing your customer base. Need help generating revenues through email programs? Let’s chat.